• Rubber roofing is a great option for covering flat roofs, as it has far more advantages than other materials. We only use the top brands so that we provide excellent quality, and Firestone EPDM membrane is the most beneficial of rubber covers. Due to its superior durability and high performance, Firestone rubber roofing requires no additional protective treatment, being extremely resistant to Ozone both and UV sun radiation. This makes it a cost effective option as it is less susceptible to weathering and therefore all of our Firestone rubber cover products come with a 20 year guarantee. Home safety is also improved with a rubber roof, as it is fire retardant as standard. In comparison with alternatives like felt coverings, rubber roofing is lightweight enough to ensure easy and safe flame-free installation, and can also effectively contribute to sound proofing and heat insulation. With 25 years of experience in the roofing trade, our workmanship is always to the highest standard possible no matter the size of the project at hand.

Rubber roofs limit environmental impact both during the manufacture process and installation, making Firestone the eco friendly option. The membrane releases no toxic substances; allowing for the recovery of rainwater for use as domestic drinking water is an option. Although the durability of EPDM rubber roofing means that it has a long-lasting lifespan, it is fully recyclable when the time comes to dispose of it.